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Michael Johnston, Head of marketing services at ComeOn.


“BTS remains our go-to company when it comes to any kind of web development that we need. They are consummate professionals, always looking out for the needs of their clients. Thanks to their help, we have been able to have a site that is just what we had hoped. The professionalism of all staffers here cannot be understated. Very possibly the finest web development company we have ever worked with. Contact them. They will never disappoint you. Their understanding of international gaming is one that offers all that any gaming company wants. A fountain of ongoing ideas and collective innovation at every single turn. They should always be your first call when working in this industry,”

Ralph Thomas Easter Samuelson,Business Corporate Liaison and Head of International Online Affairs at Casumo.


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Heather Susan Goldman, Vice President in Charge of Daily Operations at LeoVegas.


“The source for modern technological needs. We have worked with this company for a long time. Online casino development is an industry that relies on access to reliable technology. As such, we all need to make sure that our systems are always advanced and always in compatible with the latest technological updates. Our customers expect us to offer them gaming that can be played anywhere at any time on all platforms. At BTS, their emphasis is on offering the latest services such as HTML5 and other necessary programs to all of their customers. Working with them means we know that our systems are constantly being updated in order to help make our site one of the best destinations for the true online gaming experience,”

Ane Renea Anusus, Vice President of Technology at BGO Casino.


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Karl S. Rhodes, Vice President of Development at Mr Green.