Here at BTS, we have many staffers who come to the company from all walks of life. Most of our staffers have worked in the industry for a long time. Many have both standard undergraduate degrees as well as more advanced training in the field. This helps all of us understand exactly what it takes to offer superior technological services that are all about offering the best possible experience at any given website. We also work hard to offer additional services of all kinds including web development and maintenance. Here are some of the many people at our office who strive to bring our clients the help they want and need. Our staffers come to our company from all around the world, enabling us to tap into an international pool of talent. With their help and continued devotion, we hope to remain one of he foremost providers of technological business development as well as one of the world’s leading providers of technological assistance for the gaming industry.

Gabriel Lawrence is our founder and Chief Operating Officer. His vision has been part of our company from the very first. He has served as the driving force behind many of our products and services. He has an extensive background in the field of IT. His vision began when he was a young man and saw then the power of the net. intrigued, he went to earn several degrees including a doctorate in the field of computer science. He has many publications in the field to his name in trusted and admired technological journals. ince that time, he has been an integral part of the world of IT and a trusted advisor on many projects. He is well known for his work in the online gaming industry as a trusted source of advice. When not working, he spends his time with his two daughters and adored Chow Chow.

Maria Khonstantina is our Vice President of Design. She knows exactly how to create a website that will stand in out today’s crowded market. Her work has been lauded again and again by clients and major web design development firms. Khonstanina has an extensive collection of first edition books. In her spare time she loves to travel back to her home in Russia as well as many other nearby countries.

Bruce Rajahstan is Vice President of Business Development. He works closely with our existing clients and our many new clients. He often spends hours each connecting directly with customers at our casino clients to help them get to the next step and look to the future of online gaming. His private passions include growing rare orchids and water-skiing in regional lakes.

Samantha Wu serves as head of our Human Resources department. In this capacity, she works with those at our company to help them figure out the best possible way to bring our services to our clients. Each day, she is charge of a group of staffers who hope to bring the joy of gaming and other online practices directly to clients. She loves to spend time away from her desk cooking up classic French dinners for her two sons and husband at their many dinner parties.

Jennifer Hurley is our Business Development Specialist. As such, she is charge of working with new clients in order to help them find out how our company can help them create the site they went at a budget that works with their needs. Her work in this field is one of understanding the needs of clients and showing them how we can take their ideas and translate them into reality. She is avid miniature railroading enthusiast who collects trains that represent Britain’s great railroading history.

Robert Smith is our Chief Financial Officer. With his help and insights into the world of finance, our business has been able to successfully raise millions of dollars in working capital. He oversees all of the financial matters in our company. This includes areas such as the management of our funds and the creation of new funds in order to help us continue to expand into new markets to better serve our clients. Smith loves to play games as much as he loves helping finance the dreams of other game players. His home has dozens of traditional board games that he turns to when he’s not online.