Who We Are

This is a question that we often ask ourselves. Fortunately, we know the answer here at BTS Corp. We are a web development company that makes really great websites for anyone who needs one. We work with clients both large and small so they have a presence on the web that tells people exactly who they are and what they stand for the moment they see it. With our help, many companies have been able to get the kind of modern, user friendly, elegant website they need to demonstrate their ability to reach out to existing clients and help showcase what they can do for anyone seeking out their services. Our aim here at BTS is to bring the best in web development to our customers. With our assistance, many people have been able to turn to us knowing they can tap into our base of knowledge. We bring to the table years of experience in the field. We also bring caring staffers who are truly dedicated to their craft. We also work in the field of mobile trading in Forex, indices and stocks. We have Td ameritrade as a financial services company that provides us with the latest data on this emergency mobile technology.

Modern Technology

Most of all we are those who are committed to using the most modern technology. We know one thing about technology. Technology changes constantly. The world of IT is always in motion. Companies must be prepared to meet such challenges and meet them head on. This is why we are always pushing forward ever higher to discover new ways to apply the latest technological development to our work. Our goal at every turn to is to bring modern innovation to our clients. We know that clients depend on us to offer both basic services and more specialized services. This is why we come to work each day and spent our time making sure that we understand all we need to know about the world of technology and developments such as HTML5. Our staffers are always studying. This is why our clients look to us.

Our Offices

Our offices are located in beautiful, Bristol, UK. Named as one of the world’s top ten cities by a popular travel guide, Bristol makes an ideal home for our offices. Here, amidst the charming streets of an ancient city. we have made a home for our company. Being based in Bristol has many advantages. Doing so allows us an easy trip to London whenever we need to reach out to clients in other areas. Bristol is also a compact city, allowing our staffers to focus their attentions on the needs of our clients rather than spending a long time commuting. The city also offers many pleasant restaurants and places to dine, making it easy for us to entertain our visiting clients when they come here. The centrality of this location also allows us to be within easy reach of many cities in the United Kingdom including Glasgow, Leeds and Dublin. Most of all, the city offers congenial access to varied amenities that helps our staffers bring a much necessary level of work-life balance to their lives.

Our Specialty

At BTS, we offer services for all different types of clients. Our particular specialty is working within clients in the online casino and finance industry.

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